Thursday, August 2, 2012

13 Ramadhan = Muhammad's Day 115 of life

He's cuter, weighed 2.1kg. Now he knows how to protest and cry when he's hungry, when he's cold or when he want his ummu to cuddle him.

He really craving for sucking but what he only can do now is just sucking his Ryle's tube or a 5ml syringe filled wil 2ml milk, given slowly. Poor him. Feeding increased up to 40 ml 3 hourly. Wow!...few days ago it's just 32ml 3 hourly. Hmm...hopefully he'll gain weight faster.

Although I really want to breastfeed him, I have to wait another 6 or 9 months after his cleft been repaired. So, even though it's a hard decision, I've ordered Medela Haberman feeder/bottle special for cleft palate for him so that he can no more use Ryle's tube for feeding. Using syringe is really pitiful for him and difficult to control the flow when it's pushing an a large amount of milk. So, hopefully the Haberman may not affect breastfeeding later.

Yesterday,  an echo was done because the paeds team was wondering why Muhammad suddenly dependant on oxygen since several days ago. His oxygen saturation will go down to 68-70%, but it occured not all the time. So they found pulmonary hypertension like before..but they said it's not severe. The pressure is only 40mmHg. The medication for that called Sildenafil (yes, the same used for viagra) was restarted (was started before and was off because his condition improving)

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