Thursday, May 31, 2012

Damia is turning 5

2 days ago was Damia's birthday.
 She's turning 5 and has learnt a lot! Alhamdulillah,such a bright girl.
 I noted since 2 months ago, she can read.. malay and english. And can do simple math! She can read malay story books fluently, alhamdulillah and several common english vocabs... thanks to, peterandjane book and read easy book.

She's hardworking. Going to school is fun for her. And she loove reading and writing and doing origami!

She's a quick learner. By teaching once substract method, she can do it correctly. She also can easily recognize the road to her previous school, danish's home and etc. Dah pandai tekan last called number untuk call ayah dia, tok wan , tokku, ciksu, Tok ayah... haish, abis kredit umi.

 She's a good sister. Always remember her little brother a lot even though she only saw him a few times only in Nicu. When we go shopping, she always thought of him. When she has some cookies or sweet, she'll spare some for him. Soo sweet!

 And..she's bossy..hehe. Isn't it natural for the first child?

Happy 5th birthday my little girl. Ayah and umi want the best out of you... dunya and Akhirah. amin.

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