Saturday, July 11, 2009

Damia' kena chicken pox!

It's started 2 weeks ago, when one of Damia' buddy at her nursery got chicken pox..... and her mother still sent him to the nursery. And guess what, the mother is also a doctor... arrghh!

My hubby already warned Linda the nursery owner that the kid may spread the virus as the vesicles were just ruptured... i.e just activated! But Linda said it's okay, they will isolate him from the other kids. But with those kids staying in one roof, how far can you isolate him? That place is not a hospital.

Unfortunately, one week later, Damia' got the vesicles and she started to have temperature. Glad Linda told me earlier about that, so I don't feel very upset with her since she tried been honest to me.
No, this is not the boy

So last week, Damia' was sent to her granny (Tok Wan) for isolation. I just came back the weekend and nearly pour some tears when I saw her face, her body- full with vesicles. Even her lips got several vesicles which turned to lips ulcer- very painful on bottlefeeding and eating. No wonder she kept on drooling her saliva. With the fever, the itchiness, the mouth ulcer and all, her temper tantrum worsening... Especially at night! Need few extra hours before she able to go to sleep.

Look at the lips ulcer- it's worse before

The whole body, the back as well

Today, the vesicles dried up, her mouth ulcer improving, and she able to eat something.. her fever also settled up. She able to sleep more soundly since last 2 days.

And I was told by Linda, there were few others kids from the nursery infected few days back. Now, he nursery was empty to prevent the spread to the babies.

Just something to share about- when you put your children in a nursery, you cannot just only think about them, you should care about others children too..!

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