Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Since the last lost, I have became more sensitive, less sensible, fluctuate emotion and afraid. Afraid of another lose.. either my husband or Damia'. Is that called Anxiety Disorder? I hope not. or what?

In the early stage I was so depressed i'm afraid I've got Major Depression Disorder, or worse Maternal Blues.. but alhamdulillah, my family help me a lot.... and more thanks to Umi and abah, for taking care of me to the most. With their attention sometimes I forgot, I am already approaching 30.

I assume I'm already come to term. But why do I feel so bored??? So lonely. Aku bosannnnn!!

Kesian my hubby, mesti stress melayan emosi tak stabil aku ni.

Apa nak buat, I need some one to talk with... but I'm always left alone. either physically alone, or emotionally alone.

Cepat la habis pantang ni!!!....bohsan tahap gaban!! I want to go OUT!!! Aku nak SOLAT!!

Astaghfirullahala'zim..... dah berapa lama tak solat dan baca Qur'an, jiwa aku memang dah serabut.

Ya Allah, give me strength.

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