Saturday, September 12, 2009

G4P2+1 and Damia'sToilet Training

3-4 weeks ago I had 2 dreams. 2 days in a row I dream I'm pregnant .. first day I dream I had done UPT test and it was positive and the second day, I dream I had done ultrasound and I could see my new baby (or was it placenta?)

So, the next day, I do Upt test... and it was really positive! Although the second line was appeared weak, but it indeed had 2 lines. And it was a day before my expected menses day to come.

Tapi ujian Allah itu ada bermacam2 jenis, bermacam2 peringkat.

A week after that, during cooking, I had PV bleeding. Again! I'm soo depressed. After the 2 losses, I cant withstand the 3rd one.

I went to the O&G clinic. Was given duphaston. Scan- alhamdulillah so far so good. But don't know what will happen the next day. BUt shockingly the specialist said that the scan showed 2 sacs- which means it supposed to be twin. But one twin was demissed. I cant say anything.. nott really beleive anyway. I dont have any family history of twin pregnancy, neither my husband. BUt I hope the other one will stay safe.

With several episodes of PV bleeding, I was given break 2times, 5 days each. The first break, I went to my mother's house.

And I used the free time to rest.... and to train Damia' to pee in toilet. which means no pampers except during sleeping..! Nasib baik ada moktok ngan umi...tu pun dah kencing 2 kali dalam bilik, atas karpet lagi tu...berak 1 kali.. huhu

Rupa2ya bukan 2-3 hari, tapi 2-3 minggu baru pandai nak cakap kalau nak kencing. Buang air besar still dalam pampers lagi...

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